We Are software development group

LAB-42 is a Ukrainian software development group.

Our goal is the development of high-quality and innovative software products and WEB-resources to increase the efficiency of your business.

We want to offer you the following:

  • LAB-42 has over 7 years of experience in WEB development services. We use PHP or ASP.Net to get precisely the solution you need. Our experts cover the whole cycle of custom PHP or ASP.Net applications development services, starting at the concept stage and going all the way through with analytics, prototyping, deployment, and release support.
  • LAB-42 provide desktop applications, Windows-services, users interface etc. .Net team have over more than 6 years experience development. Our experts carefully investigate the client’s task, and offer several options for solving it. We save your time. Our skilled .Net team is ready to build the best solution for you.
  • Our IOT department provides services for the development of robotic systems and IOT systems. We have the necessary resources to create not only software, but also create test samples of devices. We have workshops with the necessary equipment for this. Therefore, the client can be sure that his task will be tested using a really existing sample.
  • Our department of mathematics and analytics conducts mathematical analysis and construction of mathematical models, visualizes simulation results, and finds optimal solutions. We perform statistical calculations and modeling, develop algorithmic models. We have experience in modeling economic processes, statistics, electromagnetic processes in electronics, algorithms for the behavior of robotic systems.

LAB-42 experts always collaborate with the client to make the applications not only pleasant to look at but true to the client’s ideas.